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Ms.Janani (Patient's Testimonial)


This is Janani aged 33 years, undergone a liposuction on July 12th `07 at BRS hospital, under Dr.B..Madhusudhan. Before I share my experience, I first like to thank Dr.B.Madhusudhan for his most cordial relationship with the patients.

Prior to liposuction, I had my hips, abdomen, and arms drooping down, very badly. But after the liposuction done, I feel greatly relieved. I have the complete satisfaction, when I see myself in the mirror, because the dresses that never used to fit earlier, now not only fits me well, but also its loose. This is something very exiting. Though I had lots of fear before liposuction, but once it was completed, I felt this is nothing, because within 2 days I was discharged and the very 7 th day I returned to my normal work including driving.

I once again thank Dr.BMS , for his complete care and support .

Thank you,