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Trauma / Burn Care
With 24 hrs. fully equiped casualt / medical & surgical emergency services, B.R.S Hospital excels in providing immediate care for burns Victims / Hand injury / Road Traffic Accidents / Head injury cases. This department is being co-ordinated by Dr.B.Madhusudhan, Plastic & Trauma Surgeon.

Pediatric & Neonatal Care
Equiped with the advanced technology and monitoring equipment and coordinated by trained Neonatologists - has been saving many precious lives. This department is being coordinated by Dr. S.Ramesh, Pediatrician and Neonatologist.

Sports Medicine

Sports has become an integral part of our life whether played professionally or as a hobby or even just maintain physical fitness. Hence injuries related to sports have become common which requires specialised care and management. We at B.R.S. Hospital have been dealing with sports related injuries in consultation by eminent Arthoscopic Surgeon Dr. Palanivel Rajan.


Ligament injury sustained to the knee and shoulder are treated by arthoscopic ligament reconstruction. This is a boon to sports personnel which puts them back on their feet enabling them to enter the sports arena at the earliest.

Laproscopic Surgery

KEY-HOLE surgeries as laproscopic surgeries are termed, have considerably reduced the period of hospital stay and also allows faster rehabilitation of patients.

VITILIGO - has been a major cosmetic concern for many. A major break through in the field of vitiligo has been accomplished at B.R.S. Hospital by the procedure of melanocyte transplantation which improves pigment production.

Melanocyte Transplantation

Dietary Counselling
"To Nourish & to nurture - Thro' food the life - giving elixir"
We at B.R.S. Hospital provide dietic counselling to the patients especially for the major abdominoplasty, Burns, Diabetic, Renal failure patients. Our major objective of educating the patients regarding the nature of the disease its hazards and with individual instructions on diet and any specific therapy as required according to the patients condition. Apart from the inpatients service, the diet clinic runs an out patient service which helps in wider use of dietic counseling and serves to extend and clarify diet instructions for the general public.


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